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African Diaspora Council Inc.
My Appeal
Thank you so much for choosing to donate to this Giving Tuesday 2022 fundraiser. Your donation will help us raise funds for our 2023 programs and allow us to reach more people and raise awareness about our core mission. Remember, no act of generosity is small or insignificant, and every dollar raised will help our mission.

Once you've donated, we'd appreciate it if you could share this Giving Tuesday page URL with your friends, family members, colleagues and others via social media channels, chat groups, emails etc.
My Cause
The Mission: To empower all people of African descent to thrive through connection, counsel, and culture.
About the Organization: African Diaspora Council Inc. (ADC Inc.) is a vocal organ established to mobilize anyone with African heritage in the Diaspora into a united body. As a social advocacy institution, it offers educational, financial, and social advocacy services. We foster and nurture positive image and identity through the presentation of Cultural and Artistic projects that instil pride in the African diaspora communities. Through media development programs we are the voice on social, sustainable economic, and development issues both nationally and internationally.
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$ 50

Adesola Ayileka

15 months ago