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Kickin' Asphalt
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Kickin' Asphalt

TARGET: 1,344,000 steps
TARGET: $ 120

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Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County
Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County
Each affiliate of Habitat for Humanity is separate. For example, we are not connected to Habitat's in neighboring counties. We have our own board of directors, leadership and team. Our affiliate of Habitat exclusively serves families that live and/or work in St. Charles County. Thus, Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County.

Habitat St. Charles builds quality homes. Tony Bradbury, our Construction Manager cuts no corners, however our focus is simple, decent and affordable. There aren't bells and whistles you might find on custom homes. One city inspector told us it was the best built house he had seen in the area, that was quite a compliment considering where the home was located.

Sustainability for our partner families is key. Habitat St. Charles builds homes with 2x6 exterior walls, sill caulk, foam board and house wrap to seal the cracks, as well as high efficiency appliances. This means that utility bills are significantly lower for homeowners which means additional savings.

Tony also focuses on Universal Design features in all new construction homes. This mean zero entry, galley kitchen, wider hall and doorways, slightly lower switches and a turn radius in the bathroom. There is even backer board behind the drywall for future grab bars. These homes are build to last a lifetime with a focus on aging in place.

The mission of Habitat St. Charles is Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

The Habitat model is very unique, a true hand up not hand out.

Partner families are selected through a rigorous process, once selected the hard work begins. Sweat equity and education are part of the agreement, actually building homes while taking on financial literacy. Our partner families are hard working individuals that maybe don't make enough money to buy a home on the open market in St. Charles County.

Upon completion of the partnership, the families close on their home just like everyone else. They are required to pay a monthly mortgage, just like everyone else. They are in fact, just like everyone else.

Habitat is able to build houses that are affordable by using volunteer labor, fundraising and seeking in-kind donations. Community support is the reason we are able to take on the challenge of affordable housing.

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Lauren    (ADMIN)

$ 30 raised of $ 25 USD
876 steps completed of 336,000


$ 60 raised of $ 35 USD
157,523 steps completed of 336,000


$ 35 raised of $ 35 USD
24,000 steps completed of 336,000


$ 35 raised of $ 25 USD
131,767 steps completed of 336,000

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$ 30



$ 35



$ 35



$ 35



$ 25

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