A collective 497 mile walk supporting the Nepal Earthquake relief efforts

Nepal497 Photo credits (left to right): Omar Havana, Getty Images; AP; Narendra Shrestha, EPA; Niranjan Shrestha; ScanPix; Sewa.

What is Nepal497

On April 25, 2015 a massive earthquake (7.9 on Richter Scale) hit Nepal, took over 8,000 lives, displaced millions and changed the lives of individual and families forever. Sewa is committed to raising $1 million for relief and rehabilitation work in Nepal. Nepal497 is a collective virtual walk for supporting this relief work. All the registrations and optional donations raised through this walk will go towards Sewa International's Nepal Earthquake Relief initiatives. During this walk, registered users will symbolically walk the entire length of Nepal (497 miles or 800Kms) along its Himalayan axis. Registered users can walk any where and any time (before midnight July 06, 2015 EST) to move the mile marker forward.

How to Participate


Register to Walk: Minimum 1 mile and $10 to register. This event is not active, but you can still donate here


Fundraise (optional): Invite others to pledge donations for your walk


iOS users: Login to the Charity Footprints app and finish your registered goal, app login details will be same as your registration email and password


Android & other smartphone users: Use any fitness tracking app and upload your workout here to finish the goal

About Sewa International

How will it work?


On Registration: Charity Footprints will create a workout goal & a fundraising page for you


On Individual Goal Completion: All funds raised from friends & family will be sent to Sewa International through Network For Good


On Campaign Completion: We will send the registration fees along with the list of registered users to Sewa International, USA


Sewa International: Will email tax receipts to the registered users' email address

How Sewa is supporting Nepal

Sewa is working with organizations in Nepal to provide first aid, distribute safe drinking water bottles, food packets, and blankets. Sewa International has been able to distribute 10,000 tarpaulins to be used for shelter, 10,000 blankets, food packets and water supplies. In addition, Sewa has imported 200 tons of relief material, including 30 tons of tarpaulin for temporary shelters into Nepal. Sewa doctors have been helping in hospitals and dedicated volunteers have been traveling to unreachable and remote villages to hand out supplies.

Campaign Targets

Sewa International has set a target to walk a minimum of 497 miles - symbolically walking the length of Nepal along the Himalayan axis.

Min. Miles Target: 497 Miles
761 Miles (153%) Pledged
734 Miles (148%) Completed

Min. Fundraising Target: $ 4,970 USD
$ 7,201 USD (145%) Raised

Campaign Ends: July 06, 2015

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Support without walking

Support this campaign by donating for Sewa's Earthquake Relief Fund.

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Top 10 Contributors
Raja Chandra
Raja Chandra Chakinala

Contribution - $ 1,521

Ravichandra Chakinala

Contribution - $ 1,239.70

chitta sahoo

Contribution - $ 994

Subash Unni

Contribution - $ 640

Shaleen Dutta

Contribution - $ 425

Pushpendra Raghav

Contribution - $ 395

Kailash Mosalpuria

Contribution - $ 200

Dinesh Sivakumar

Contribution - $ 175

Atul Kumar

Contribution - $ 99.70

Mohanram Bassit

Contribution - $ 99.70

Top 10 Walkers
Ravichandra Chakinala

Miles Pledged - 97

Raja Chandra
Raja Chandra Chakinala

Miles Pledged - 50

Varun Masna

Miles Pledged - 25

Anil Deshpande

Miles Pledged - 20

Karunakar Chakinala

Miles Pledged - 20

Padma Chakinala

Miles Pledged - 20

Hamir Kapadia

Miles Pledged - 20

sriharsha mohan

Miles Pledged - 20

Shivani Desai

Miles Pledged - 20

Pushpendra Raghav

Miles Pledged - 20