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Pheo Alliance
My Appeal
I found out in June of 2021 that I had a very rare tumor, the doctor called me a Zebra. I asked if that was like a Unicorn and she said yes it is. My tumor is a Sympathetic Paraganglioma. It was removed in August 2021 at which time I was prepared to die. These tumors are very dangerous and my team of doctors did everything in their power to keep me alive and by the Grace of God, I'm still here to share my story.

As if having a rare "dangerous" tumor that was entangled in the main artery to my adrenal gland and left kidney was not scary enough. None of the doctors in my area, have ever heard of it. One in 2-million people get these types of tumors. I couldn't call and talk to anyone that knew anything about what I was going through and am going through. I got a lot of, "I don't know"s. I found PhoePara on Instagram and a small support group, that have helped me through all of this. We need more research for us, the Zebras.

You hear about cancer awareness but you don't hear about the extremely rare ones so here I am to spread awareness. I ask that you join me in this fight again rare diseases and cancers.

My tumor was removed and I'm slowly getting better, however I will have to be monitored and tested for the rest of my life. Please join me in this Phitness Challenge or donate as I walk for Phitness.
My Progress
Tonya is walking 100,000 steps and raising funds for Pheo Alliance. Please show your support and donate generously.
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My Cause
The Mission: Our mission is to empower patients with pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma, their families and medical professionals through advocacy, education and a global community of support, while helping to advance research that accelerates treatments and cures.
About the Organization: Founded in 2007, the Pheo Para Alliance is the longest-standing internationally recognized leader in advocacy for, and awareness of, pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. Since our inception, the Pheo Para Alliance has dedicated more than $2 million towards research, diagnosis, education, advocacy, and finding a cure. In August of 2017, we consolidated our power and influence by merging with a partner group: The Pheo Para Troopers. The strong, patient-centered focus that has made the Pheo Para Troopers a household name within the pheo/para community, and the research and education strengths of the Pheo Para Alliance were combined. The emergent Pheo Para Alliance has become a true union of forces working with a common mission.

The Pheo Para Alliance is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Virginia.
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Chris Cosse

Go Tonya! Keep up the fight!

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Tami Morgan

I’m so proud of you and will continue to pray you through your incredible journey Tonya. Love you 😘

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Tonya Strahan

23 months ago