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Charity Footprints' virtual races & wellness challenges are engaging, competitive, (and most importantly) fun for individuals and teams.

organizations big and small our virtual races

How Virtual Races Work
for administrators & participants

Quick Guided Set-up

Define fitness target, optional features like fundraising goal, teams etc. and hit publish. Our engineer elves will create your campaign site in no time.

Global Participant Registration

Set either a free registration event or set a minimum donation to join. Invite participants and/or teams from around the globe to sign-up for the virtual race.

Optional Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Inspire & encourage participants to raise funds and support a worthy cause. Check out our best peer-to-peer fundraising tips for guidance.

Completing Fitness Goals

Motivate participants as they track workouts on our free mobile apps or an approved wearable device. Check out the leaderboards to keep a track.

Wrapping Up

The 501(c)(3) beneficiary receives all donation directly from WePay (a CHASE company), and issues tax receipts to individual and/or corporate donors.
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ur mission is to
promote fitness & encourage charitable giving

Why Virtual Races
outperform physical races

Virtual races can be set-up within a few hours and empower individuals and teams to participate from any where and at any time. You can run a virtual race as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a physical event like a 5K/10K walkathon.


Save months of staff time, and start your virtual race within hours.


Invite individuals, teams, and staff without hitting capacity constraints.


Virtual races costs around 15-20% of a comparable physical race.


From traversing virtual maps to team challenges, we keep it fresh.


Spend 15 cents on a dollar raised vs. 52 cents on a physical race.


Rally a global audience to come together, get fit, and give back.


Platform Features
that everyone is raving about


Integrated peer-to-peer fundraising tool to help participants amplify the impact.

Fitness Tracking

Mobile apps & wearable device integrations to make fitness tracking seamless.

Virtual Map

Traverse any route on a map to make your campaign exciting and relevant.


Team capabilities and leaderboard to make the challenge fun and competitive.

Corporate Sponsors

Invite generous corporations to grow your audience and engage their employees.

Chat Bot

A secure & fun module to encourage chitchat & some light hearted bantering.


Bring your brand over to differentiate your virtual race from everyone else.


We know a thing or two about virtual races and would love to help you grow.


Empower volunteers to spread the word & invite others to join the campaign.

Pricing Plans
that fit events of all sizes


$ 499 USD

1 - 50 participants
4 weeks duration
5% commissions + cc fee


$ 1,249 USD

1 - 150 participants
6 weeks duration
4% commissions + cc fee


$ 2,499 USD

1 - 500 participants
8 weeks duration
3% commissions + cc fee


$ 4,999 USD

1- 1000 participants
12 weeks duration
2% commissions + cc fee

Start a virtual race
within minutes

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