Participant Spotlight- Becky Carr

Avaya Inc. - Month Of Giving supports Doctors Without Borders

Non-Profit Supported - Doctors Without Borders

Scott E. Mills Scott E. Mills
February 2019

We had the pleasure of speaking with Becky Carr, Head of Global Marketing at Avaya Inc. At most companies, employee wellness initiatives do very little to ensure a healthy workplace or engage their employees. People’s visits to the gym and diet outside of work hours are invisible to work peers. Becky and the Avaya team saw the value in running a “Wellness for Good” campaign for employees, promoting fitness while giving back to their favorite nonprofit during their Month of Giving. We created a fun, engaging, and competitive challenge that even included some smack talking amongst peers! Here’s a little bit about Becky and her experience in the virtual race benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

Scott. What city, state do you live in?

Becky. I’m based out of Arlington, VA.

S. What are some of your hobbies when you’re not at Avaya?

B. I love exercising and taking fitness classes. I’m an avid ‘Peloton’er – and when I’m in NYC I go to the live classes. My summer hobby is paddle boarding.

S. What book/movie/article/conversation has had the most profound impact on your life?

B. A Personal History by Katharine Graham. Her father owned the Washington Post. It was a fascinating historical perspective about how she took over her father’s business. She overcame incredible obstacles and was a leader in a man’s world.

S. If you were a brand, what would be your motto/mission?

B. Do the very best I can on behalf of the people I serve.

S. Why is giving back important to you? What excites you to support Doctors Without Borders?

B. I’m very fortunate and I have the opportunity to help people so I take full advantage of that. It makes me feel good. This is the first time I’ve donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). I became really appreciative of MSF’s capabilities and services when visiting Africa. I had the opportunity to see first-hand the medical conditions of the African people and tribes. It’s pretty amazing what these doctors can do in incredible conditions, and what they can do to change populations. The death rate has decreased exponentially with simple changes like getting these villages safe water to drink and providing medical care.

S. That's fantastic, I have a friend that volunteered his time with MSF and triaged people on a boat off the coast of Africa. They do amazing stuff! For someone that might not know anything about Doctors Without Borders, what would you want that individual to know about why it is so important to support this cause?

B. They are sacrificing their time and using their skills to go into these countries and cities, and have a material impact on the lives of others – those that are not as fortunate or that don’t have the same opportunities as others might have.

S. Do you support or volunteer your time with other non-profits? Which ones?

B. I support children’s hospitals and I’ve done races for breast cancer since it’s hit my family. I do a lot for Susan G Komen Foundation.

S. Shifting to your fitness during this campaign! What was your strategy for hitting your fitness challenge goal? What motivated you to go further?

B. Our marketing department is full of competitive people. There were a few folks I wanted to eke out. Since I spin a lot, I converted those miles I did on the stationary bike to steps so that I got credit for those. It did motivate us because there was definitely some smack talk in the office!

S. Did you have a fitness buddy/workout with other members on your team? Or was this more solo?

B. There were teams that walked and did it together, but my group didn’t. We should try this next year!

S. How do you recover? Do you have a go-to recovery drink?

B. Just water to stay hydrated. I eat well and exercise every day so that I have energy to work as many hours as I do!

S. What are your favorite athletic brands (shoes, apparel, etc) that you like to run/walk/swim/bike in?

B. I really like Patagonia apparel. For athletic gear, I shop Lululemon.

It was so exciting to talk to Becky about her motivations and the fitness challenge she led for Avaya Inc. You can donate to Doctors Without Borders and show your support for this wonderful non-profit organization!

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