Abuse Recovery Ministry Services

Charity Footprints Partner - Abuse Recovery Ministry Services

PO Box 663 Hillsboro, OR 97123 | Program Focus: Human Services


Transforming Lives Through Healing and Intervention

With free, trauma-informed relationship abuse recovery groups available for ladies both nationally and internationally, ARMS has served over 31 thousand women who have been helped by “Her Journey”, a 15-week recovery program loosely based on Psalm 23 which covers important topics such as what submission is (versus oppression), how to set boundaries in abuse, healing the wounds of trauma, seeing yourself as God sees you, how to deal with anger, how to deal with loneliness in and after abuse, what to do when scripture is being used as a weapon, how forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, what the Bible says about abusive marriage, how to tell if a relationship is toxic and much more.

Our Mission

ARMS exists to bring healing and transformation, from a faith perspective, to those impacted by domestic violence and controlling relationships.