Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment

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Educating Couples - Building Relationships

Wherever your relationship is, it can be better! Does it suck? It can be better! Is it awesome? It can be better! Do you want to have a better sex life? Live longer? Make more money? Have better physical and mental health? Research shows that these are but a few of the rewards for couples that have healthy relationships. We can't guarantee it, but. . . Since 1973, we have helped thousands of couples develop strong, healthy, satisfying relationships. Couples learn to be more intentional and proactive about developing healthy communication skills. They learn how to use conflict to bring them closer together rather than push them farther apart. Better Marriages is not a faith-based organization. We're not affiliated with or restricted to any particular religious group or denomination. We believe that all couples face similar issues; this is the common thread on which we build. We don’t allow religious boundaries to inhibit our ability to provide programs, events, and resources for couples to develop great relationships. Better Marriages is for all couples who desire to grow and enrich their relationship. If you want a better relationship, this is the place!

Our Mission

Better Marriages promotes better marriages by providing enrichment opportunities and resources to strengthen couple relationships, increase intimacy, and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment, and family wellness.