Care for Children

Charity Footprints Partner - Care for Children

3, The Close, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, NR1 4DH | Program Focus: Human Services


A world of children in families

The care and welfare of children is Care for Children's primary priority and responsibility. We are not about making institutions better; but rather about supporting families and unleashing their power and compassion. We seek to be a servant to our local government partners, and to honour their culture and capabilities. Care for Children pursues aggressive goals, with vision-driven budgets, not budget-driven vision. We will be a "high-leverage" organisation, seeking programs where small up-front investments lead to major impact. We will apply demanding standards for professionalism and quality in all of our work, seeking to make efforts in Asia a standard for the world. Care for Children seek to create permanent solutions, "acorn to oak" initiatives that CFC plants, grows, and then gives away. We recognize that we are running a "marathon", not a "sprint", and are working for long-term gains. We will seek to experiment, innovate, and advance the "state of the art" in foster care. We recognize that foster care occurs in the context of communities, and will work through service to children to have a broader, positive impact on community health.

Our Mission

We serve governments of nations to pioneer a positive alternative to institutional care by placing children into local, loving families in the community (fostering and adoption).