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Uniting Creativity for Fair Gun Laws

Founded in the memory of their son Joaquin who was one of the 17 victims, Manuel and Patricia Oliver are committed to making sure that their son’s life and the lives of the other 40K victims per year are never forgotten and that real change happens to prevent future tragedies like this from happening ever again. The only way that will occur is if we have the ability engage the next generation and the generations after to get involved, fight for their values and beliefs and have their voices heard!

Our Mission

Via messages, advertising and disruptive communication campaigns never seen before, some of which have received international awards, Change the Ref has exerted constant pressure towards the country’s decision-makers. Thanks to the summoning ability of its message, Change the Ref has been able to add many of the world’s top advertising agencies to its crusade. Creative personnel, writers, directors, and photographers are working to create original messages that are efficient, memorable and well-produced in order to communicate solid arguments and reach future voters, who at the end of the day are the ones with the power to change the Referee and transform reality. With an organic and honest strategy, without political commitments or hidden agendas and with one clear objective – avoiding further loss of valuable lives – Change the Ref will continue its daily pressure such that legislative steps are taken to free us once and for all from that new, contemporary, social scourge: the mass shooting.