City2Village International Initiative

Charity Footprints Partner - City2Village International Initiative

335 E. Albertoni St., Suite 200-722, Carson, CA 90746 | Program Focus: Health


When Women are Enhanced, The Family is Enhanced

City2Village is a grassroots nonprofit (501(c)3 ) operating in Los Angeles and Nigeria, West Africa. C2V engages the community through 4 Core Initiatives; Health & Hygiene, Food Accessibility, Academic Retention & Success, and Gender Equity emphasizing Continuity of Families led by Widows. In America, emphasis is placed on Mental Health; services for adults, psychoeducation to increase awareness and dismantle stigma, and over Wellness. In Nigeria, emphasis in placed on concrete tangible needs; food & water, housing, sanitation, essential hygiene items, financial resources and education. The Annual JULY Campaign Raises Funds for Women and Families in Nigeria - and - Promotes Awareness about the Positive Connection between Physical Movement and Mental Wellness in America ... We're Raising Funds and Awareness!!!

Our Mission

to Empower the community - through a holistic and communal lens, we foster connections by reflecting a well-established cultural history of healthy interdependence.