Consequence of Habit Inc.

Charity Footprints Partner - Consequence of Habit Inc.

PO Box 5, Kirkwood, Delaware, 19709 | Program Focus: Health


Reduce Human Suffering Through the Power of Habits.

Embracing Change: We are a leading non-profit that focuses on habits. We provide cutting-edge education, connections, inspiration, and purpose. Powerful storytelling that can serve as a starting point for beginning new positive habits or coping mechanisms to help start the journey to eradicate poor habits. Purpose-driven events that deliver experiential service work combined with inspirational, educational aspects of recovery and positive habit forming.

Our Mission

Consequence of Habit Inc. (CoH) is a certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by bringing awareness to the impact habits have on our mental health, success, and the environment.