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Connecting people to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking

At Creative Life Foundation (CLF), we are taking a preventative approach to human trafficking. By providing access to education, holistic care, and a path to citizenship, we are breaking the very cycle that keeps children and families in poverty and vulnerable to exploitation. Research has shown and our experience confirm, that lack of educational opportunities, persistent economic hardships, illiteracy, and statelessness significantly increase an indivudal’s likelihood of experiencing human trafficking and exploitation. However, we recognize that just meeting an individual's need is never enough, which is why building relationships is an essential cornerstone of our mission. We do not simply enroll children in school, we provide essential mentoring services to ensure sustainable academic success. We do not just deliver food and personal care products to those struggling, we make meaningful connections. Since 2013, we’ve been breaking cycles of poverty and creating a pathway toward freedom—one child, mother, and family at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect vulnerable and marginalized children and parents in urban and rural Thailand to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking.