Creighton Community Foundation

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3219 E Camelback Rd, #376, Phoenix, AZ 85018 | Program Focus: Human Services


We build stronger communities.

In alignment with the mission, the Foundation hosts and operates an array of community-based programming to rebuild the vibrancy and connection that has been inhibited generationally by growing resource and green space depletion. The programs operated by the Foundation aim to close the gaps that exist in the community and mitigate the harmful effects that those gaps have on our kids and families. The programs include: Community Works is an innovative program designed to empower community leaders and youth in Grade 5 - 8 through a service-based curriculum, where the community comes together and interacts through block watches, neighborhood associations, PTOs, community cleanups, and open campus events at schools. Fresh In The Neighborhood is transforming unused land along 3.8 miles of newly re-developed canals into public garden spaces with edible fare. The project was developed with the specific goal of making inner-city Phoenix communities more livable with open, public spaces that bring together residents and increase community capacity. This inspiring initiative bridges socio-economic divides while also creating a vibrant pedestrian corridor in urban Phoenix! Feeding Phoenix is a vital community program that works to help those in need. Every week, food box distribution takes place via drive-thru events and operates community-accessible food pantries to address issues beyond the capacity of local food banks. Each week,more than 350 families have access to healthy food boxes with fresh produce, dairy products, eggs, bread and other non-perishables, all acquired at wholesale prices from local food banks. Through these efforts, many people based in the community can get the nutrition they need. FrescaZona, a new retail food pantry aimed at providing fresh and shelf stable food items to those in need. This pantry, located in the heart of the community, will offer an essential service to people living within its limits. Those who qualify for SNAP benefits can look forward to using their resources to make sure they have access to nourishing sustenance. Securing Nutrition Creighton Community SNAP Community Health Workers have an ambitious goal: improve health and nutrition outcomes for local food desert communities. To do this, they are putting an emphasis on recruiting those who don't currently have SNAP benefits, encouraging them to take advantage of incentives and benefits that come with program participation. Most recently, this team has added specialized nutritional services with Medical Food Boxes, providing doctor recommended dietary nutrition related to treatment and prevention of chronic disease such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Our Mission

Creighton Community Foundation was established to support Creighton School District and the communities within its east central Phoenix boundaries by bringing resources to bear upon life needs and whole person development of people within some of the poorest neighborhoods in urban Phoenix. Our mission is to develop sustainable programs and initiatives to help improve youth life outcomes. We focus on building vibrant, healthy communities where strong neighborhoods, inspirational adult connections, and excellent, well-supported schools, help kids reach their full life potential.