Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

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1211 Trumbull, Det. Mi 48216 | Program Focus: Human Services


Making a difference in our community.

In 1997, Angela Reyes founded the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, a community-based organization, from her living room because she “was tired of burying children.” To reduce the violence, DHDC’s Gang Retirement and Continuing Education and Employment program (GRACE) formed after forging a truce with leaders of rival gangs, which encouraged “retirement” in return for jobs in local Hispanic-owned manufacturing companies. DHDC has resided at 1211 Trumbull Street in Detroit since 2001 and services over 5,000 youth and adults annually. DHDC is rooted in the vibrant culture of the Latino community in Southwest Detroit and is considered one of the leading Latino organizations in the Southwest Detroit community in providing parenting, community organizing, adult education, reentry and youth services. Our organization and staff are grounded in the Southwest Detroit community, where many of the staff were born and continue to live. DHDC utilizes an approach to community change that recognizes that change in individuals is fundamental to the development of community self-determination and transformation. We focus on community engagement at the personal, social, educational, and economic levels, working to build self-determination, self-confidence, personal skills, relationships among and between neighborhoods and institutions; a sense of power over personal and neighborhood life; and access to and control of resources.

Our Mission

The Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation’s mission is to make a difference by creating life-changing opportunities for youth and their families. We are committed to meeting the needs of our community by providing quality, innovative, and culturally appropriate programs and services, primarily in the Southwest Detroit community.