Emmaus House

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PO Box 3224 Johnson City, TN 37602 | Program Focus: International


Restoring Hope for the youth of Haiti

There is a gap in orphan care that often goes unacknowledged. Many organizations in Haiti exist to care for orphaned children, rescue children from slavery, and provide orphan prevention interventions. While all such programs are greatly needed, children who grow up in orphanages and child slavery systems are often forgotten once they age out and are released at age 18. When these youth age out, they lack the education, life skills, and emotional maturity to live a functional life of independence. As a result, many orphaned youth are left to the streets and turn to crime or prostitution to alleviate their poverty. This leads to a higher society crime rate, breaks down the family system, and contributes further to the orphan crisis. Since 2013, Emmaus House has been committed to standing in the gap for this often forgotten age group in Haiti. At Emmaus House, we provide orphaned youth with a home to belong, spiritual guidance, healing from past trauma, educational opportunities, and hope for a better future. Emmaushousehaiti.org

Our Mission

The mission of Emmaus House is to transition orphaned youth into independent living in Haiti.