Faith N Friends

Charity Footprints Partner - Faith N Friends

PO Box 1526, Powell, TN 37849 | Program Focus: Environment and Animals


Helping Horses Help People

Faith N Friends is a non-profit, 501(c)3 horse rescue and sanctuary in Corryton, TN, officially founded in 2016. Faith, the founder, has been rescuing horses and other animals for far longer than that, solely self-funded. She is the mother of two, Primary Family Practitioner, vet technician, avid rider, advocate for any type of animal, and most of all, horse lover. Over the years she has worked tirelessly to help sick, injured, and abused animals and horses. However, the need for horse rescue and sanctuary has grown. Every horse sale she attended was filled with with unwanted, sick, and injured horses. Determined to make a difference, Faith founded Faith N Friends to address the problem on a larger scale and to raise community awareness. Although we cannot save them all, the horses we choose to rescue are evaluated from the start for potential health, ride-ability, and behavior. The goal of Faith N Friends is to rehabilitate, love, and train those who are lucky enough to get a second chance. Every horse Faith N Friends rescues has a story and we portray their stories to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, due to the extreme abuse and neglect some of the horses endure, a few are unable to be adopted and if we have space, they find a loving forever home with Faith N Friends as Sanctuary Ambassadors.

Our Mission

Faith N Friends is a volunteer-run, donation-funded 501(c)3 horse rescue and sanctuary. We accept owner surrenders, rescues, and abandoned equines. We provide community and owner education and assistance as available and are in the process of creating therapy programs for disabled and chronically ill children. Through community outreach and education, Faith N Friends strives to bring understanding and comfort to people of all ages and from all walks as they interact with and learn about horses.