Family Wellness LLC

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2960 Seter Parkway Fargo, ND 58104 | Program Focus: Health


Move for Good Fitness Challenge

We believe that together we can create a healthier community. Funds raised through our Inspire Wellness Initiative allow Family Wellness to support needs based community wellness programs to help people cook well, move well, and live well for life. Programs focusing on the 3 cook well, move well, and live well pillars battle chronic disease and support health by inspiring and building healthy habits today to create healthy futures for tomorrow. By providing programs that impact a community need, Family Wellness creates a place where health and healing connect with people, programs, and facilities. When we commit to a life of wellness, we are able to unlock the potential within us and inspire others to find their own inner strength. In short, togetherness is wellness.

Our Mission

As a non-profit the mission of Family Wellness is to inspire healthy lifestyles by connecting people in a fun environment.