Fundamental Needs Inc

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77 west main street STE B, Cortez CO 81321 | Program Focus: Public, Societal Benefit


Fundamental Needs provides the knowledge and resources communities need to become their own solution.

Fundamental Needs was formed to combat the inequalities caused by oversight and neglect. The founders of Fundamental Needs have all experienced or seen firsthand how desperate some of the situations are. Communities have faced restricted water supply, food insecurity, poverty, and severe natural and man-made disasters due to years of mistreatment of both the land and its inhabitants. Our main project builds off-grid water systems on the Navajo Reservation via an after-school work program, the Oasis Project. We focus on helping elders and families with children access clean running water and electricity. The Oasis project provides high school students with unique job opportunities, vocational training, and the ability to help their community. In our inception, we envisioned Fundamental Needs to have the latitude to affect change across all different walks of life. Instead of being limited, like many nonprofits, we find the problems most pressing in the community and THEN build a solution. The other projects we are involved in include helping families recover from the Marshall Fire (near Denver, CO), helping to build a local bike park for the youth in our own community (Dolores, CO), and providing elders on the Navajo Reservation with access to immediate needs (firewood, clean water, PPE, and food boxes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with underprivileged communities in the United States to alleviate the suffering caused by inadequate access to job opportunities, education, electricity, clean drinking water, a heat source, and a proper food source.