Gift of Swimming Inc.

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205 Windermere Road Winter Garden, FL 34787 | Program Focus: Health


Every Child Deserves to Learn to Swim

It is our vision to create healthy kids by enriching the lives of underserved children through high-quality swim lessons while simultaneously increasing physical fitness, providing nutrition education and improve impulse control. Since its inception over 18 years ago, The Gift of Swimming has provided swim lessons to over 4,500 children. Data proves that children who learn to swim in preschool, outperform non-swimmers in their learning, social, emotional and physical development. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children ages 0-4. Florida leads the nation in drownings under the age of 4. The benefits of our program go above and beyond just learning survival swim skills. It is far reaching beyond the pool and into the classroom. It has the ability to change lives, make children smarter and stop multigenerational challenges. A quick story about the children we teach: In March of 2021, we had the pleasure to teach Kahmari how to swim. His school rates their students on a 5 star system. Prior to learning how to swim, Kahmari was a 2-start student. After receiving The Gift of Swimming, he consistently became a 5 start student. His teachers and the director of his school said this positive change is in direct correlation with him participating in our swim program. For the first time this year, he had made his school's Honor Roll and gets to participate in the ceremony! We are so proud of this STUDENT and SWIMMER!

Our Mission

The mission of The Gift of Swimming is to provide access to drowning prevention resources and education for the community’s underprivileged, mentally or physically challenged or otherwise disadvantaged children.