Give Hope Inc.

Charity Footprints Partner - Give Hope Inc.

PO Box 2071 Fort Mill, SC 29716 | Program Focus: Education and Research


Changing lives around the world

Give Hope Global founders Roger Braswell, Angela Quinn and Dr. Dane Kovach have a vision: to transform communities through the power of the Good News, good health, and good education. Give Hope’s story began in January 2012, when Roger and Angela led a team of doctors, including Dr. Dane, and other volunteers to the Cambry Student Village in SW Haiti. While there, they learned that the children were severely malnourished. Roger and Angela believed they could help raise resources to address the need, leading them to develop a support program to provide additional funding. As a result, the village’s administrator was able to purchase extra food for the children, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their health. The additional funding also allowed the Cambry School to pay its teachers and begin to operate at full capacity. Give Hope has expanded its educational efforts to include three schools in Haiti and two in Ghana along with sponsoring pastor training events in both countries. We have a travel team ministry that includes leading teams to Cambry three to four times a year and at least once a year to Ghana. We partner with many other organizations including El Shaddai Ministries (ESMI); Partners in Health and Youth With a Mission in Haiti; Urban Promise and Teach for America in Charlotte.

Our Mission

To Give Hope and bring lifelong change through the power of the Good News, good health, good education and good jobs. To see the people we serve become able to serve others both spiritually and physically.