Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E Moreno Educational Foundation

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3810 W Alabama St., Houston, 77027 | Program Focus: Human Services


Empowering Texas special needs children by creating a legacy of possibilities.

The Foundation was created in 2006 by Amber and Steve Mostyn to honor the memory of two caring and generous Texans: Glenda Jean Mostyn, mother, grandmother, sister and educator in East Texas and Texas State Representative Joe E. Moreno, son, brother, friend and legislator. Both cared very deeply about education and providing the best for children of Texas. The Foundation’s focus is specifically on children with special needs and supports our community through our “Christmas Lights” program - an experiential life skill training program, our “Community Connections” program – a special needs child assistance program for families, and our “VIP Day” program – a high school students’ self-esteem improvement effort. Christmas Lights Program: The Mostyn Moreno Foundation's signature program is the “Christmas Lights” program. It benefits students enrolled in a Texas public school district’s life skills classrooms during the Christmas season. Unlike other programs that solicit toys to give to needy children, our program takes children to a local retail store so they may select and purchase their own Christmas gifts. This allows the children to use critical skills such as math, decision-making, social skills and other important life skills with the guidance of their teachers. Following each special shopping trip, the students and their families are provided a catered holiday luncheon with their teachers and Santa Claus. Community Connections Program: The “Community Connections” program provides support and assistance to children with special needs and their families. The Foundation utilizes its relationships to connect families to their communities through charitable organizations, churches, and businesses. The assistance provided is based on an evaluation of information from school, church, family, friends, and employers. The Foundation and its partners develop a plan with the family outlining the families' goals to be accomplished, with the ultimate goal being self-sufficiency. Assistance to the family may include rent, utilities, furnishings, household items, clothing, toys, employment search, and other necessary items or services. The criteria for selection in this program are determined by the Board of Directors. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for assistance or participation in the program. VIP Day Program: The “VIP Day” program focuses on improving the self-worth and self-esteem of girls and boys with special needs enrolled in public schools. The student, accompanied by their parent(s), is treated to a day that may include hair styling, manicure, pedicure, make-up, lunch and shopping for a complete new set of clothes. The “VIP Day” is held twice a year: as a back-to-school event and at prom for seniors. Seniors enjoy a tuxedo rental or prom dress. Non-Profit Development Program: The program provides assistance to non-profit organizations in areas of management, program development, and other critical operational areas that further the mission of the Foundation. The assistance provided is through financial and/or in-kind contributions. Non-profit organizations selected by the Foundation’s Board of Directors must offer programs that further the mission of the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation supports, promotes and operates programs, projects, and collaborative efforts in Texas, primarily in the East, Southeast and the Gulf Coast regions, that serve to encourage the abilities of children with special needs.