Charity Footprints Partner - GoCorps

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Use Your Degree Overseas

GoCorps believes the deep needs in our world today are not going to be met by pursuing the typical American dream. So we are calling this generation to go beyond ordinary. GoCorps equips young adults to become global Christians by inviting them out of their comfort zones into challenging projects in some of the hardest places globally, ensuring they're trained and mentored, and streamlining the process of getting them there. We offer handpicked two year global service apprenticeships through carefully vetted Christian non-profits unleashing young adults to use their degree, passions and skillsets to fight the greatest injustices of our day. The result: Our Goers receive work experience that sets them apart in the global marketplace. Our Goers make a real impact spiritually, socially and physically in the local community where they serve. Our Goers transition from their two year placement with a clearer understanding of their calling and vocation, and are equipped and inspired to live missionally wherever their journey takes them.

Our Mission

GoCorps helps Christian recent grads find a way to serve overseas for two years doing something they're good at while making a difference.