Haitian Assets for Peace International

Charity Footprints Partner - Haitian Assets for Peace International

P.O. Box 68227, Grand Rapids, MI 49516 | Program Focus: Human Services


Be the change in the lives of women and girls in Mizak, Haiti!

The seed for HAPI was planted when Paul Prevost, then mayor of Mizak, Haiti, observed his neighbors standing in a faith-based, free food line. He was speaking with Valerie Mossman-Celestin who had recently moved to Haiti to research ‘what is help’ from a local perspective. Paul stated, “The missionaries want us to LIVE; we want to GROW!” ‘GROW’ became the clarion call that launched HAPI in 2007 with a vision of economic empowerment of women. Women and girls in Haiti suffer the threat of violence, endure grinding poverty, die in childbirth, and face overwhelming odds to achieve higher education and earn a living wage. At HAPI, women and girls have access to health services, vocational training, professional jobs and programs that empower them to build a solid foundation from which they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty. TOGETHER, we can GROW women and girls in Haiti!

Our Mission

HAPI… empowering women and equipping local leadership to ERADICATE POVERTY and SAVE LIVES in Mizak, Haiti (Musac de LaVallee, Jacmel, Haiti). We envision Mizak Haiti as a prosperous community: peaceful and self-sustainable, with opportunity for fair wage jobs, health, and education available for ALL!