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400 Prospect Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 | Program Focus: Human Services


Lifting burdens of friends, neighbors and loved ones in medical crisis

Here to Serve believes that young families who face the life-threatening health crisis of a child or spouse should not be left to collapse under the strain of a health care system that treats physical wounds, but inflicts fiscal ones. Coordinated support from family, friends and the community is needed to avoid the high rates of in illness, death, bankruptcies, and lost productivity at work families with a critically ill child or young parent who don’t qualify for government support. Here to Serve stands in the gap to identify, mobilize and organize a community of support to avoid physical, emotional and financial collapse of the family and caregiver. Because caregivers face a 63% increase in illness and death, represent 62% of all bankruptcies, and lose 25% productivity at work, Here to Serve identifies, mobilizes and organizes people, businesses and other charities to provide non-medical assistance because everyone is impacted…families, businesses, health care system, etc. One in five people will care for a critically ill love one in the next 12 months alone; 15% will care for a critically ill child! Here to Serve believes we need to care about the wellbeing of lower and middle-class families who DO NOT qualify for government assistance. This invisibly underserved sector of society are contributors in their family, community, and the economy. Here to Serve provides coordinated physical, financial and emotional support to navigate their home life during the medical crisis of a child or young parent. We bring people and organizations together through social media and as family members hand out custom business cards provided by Here to Serve to register friends and loved ones on the family’s online care community we develop. This online community provides: an interactive calendar of daily household needs such as meals, child and pet care, house cleaning, shopping, transportation; medical updates; a blog; fundraising, and numerous ways to support the family. Here to Serve’s research coordinator demystifies and provides assisted access to other charities, businesses and organizations.

Our Mission

We believe families with a critically-ill child should not have to lose their job, health, home or enter into bankruptcy to care for their child during a medical crisis. Therefore, we mobilize people and resources to meet daily living requirements of families who do not qualify for government assistance.