Latino Worker Safety Center

Charity Footprints Partner - Latino Worker Safety Center

4415 W. Harrison, Suite 404 Hillside, IL 60162 | Program Focus: Education and Research


The LWSC creates and conducts OSHA compliant safety training in multiple languages; English, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, or by using a translator. Training can be conducted anywhere: in person, virtual, on location or at one of the LWSC classrooms located near Chicago IL, Hillside IL, Rockford IL, Milwaukee WI, Madison WI, and St. Paul MN. The LWSC is an established organization specializing in Spanish language Workforce Development, Community Health, and Safety Training.

Our Mission

The LWSC is a 501C3 nonprofit multilingual OSHA compliance training institute dedicated to the health and safety of workers and to helping employers develop a more professional workforce.