Little Wish Foundation Inc.

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3077 E. 98th Street, Suite 210, Carmel, IN 46280 | Program Focus: Health


Every child everywhere deserves their little wish.

Little Wish Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that grants wishes to children battling cancer. It was started in 2010 by seventeen year-old Liz Niemiec after witnessing her friend, Max, lose his battle with cancer. Max’s last little wish was a puppy and Liz saw what happiness it brought him. This planted the idea of Little Wish. The wishes we grant are, as our name implies, modest. Most cost between $500 and $1,000. These wishes may be small, but the impact on children’s lives is immeasurable. They help the children to focus on something happy and positive. To a child undergoing difficult cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, receiving a wish of a gaming system, a new pet, a Lego set, or a doll can truly change their experience. What we have witnessed countless times is that not only do our little wishes make a big impact for a child but it they affect the entire family. Often parents are brought to tears when their child receives a wish because in most cases, they cannot afford to purchase a gift themselves due to financial burden with medical bills. For example, a little girl recently wished for a puppy and a few weeks after her mother reached out to us and said, “Thank you so much for granting Sery a puppy. This puppy has been a wish for the family because we now focus on the puppy and not the cancer and we cannot thank you enough.”

Our Mission

To serve pediatric oncology patients by providing a little wish that brings them hope, comfort and joy.