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Every student deserves a high-quality mathematics education

Math Medic Foundation (MMF) was founded by Lindsey Gallas and Luke Wilcox in 2021. As classroom teachers for many years, Lindsey and Luke set out to transform math education by creating Math Medic, a website that provides teachers with high-quality lessons and engaging workshops. Through the work of supporting math teachers around the world, they were consistently reminded how some students, teachers, and schools do not have access to resources needed for productive math classrooms. This is why they started the MMF. We fulfill our mission in three ways: ? By awarding scholarships to students pursuing math-related endeavors ? By providing grants to teachers for high-quality professional development ? By supporting schools that are in need of math-related resources The Math Medic Foundation 100% Promise: By covering our operational expenses through grants and fundraisers, 100% of individual donations go directly to students, teachers, and schools in need.

Our Mission

Connecting students, teachers, and schools to resources that increase equitable access to high-quality mathematics education.