National Great Pyrenees Rescue

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Walk Your Dog For Rescue

National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR) is committed to saving and rehoming Great Pyrenees dogs and mixes in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 2006, we have rescued and adoptively placed over 6,000 dogs through NGPR’s national network. We support Pyr rescue efforts across the country, encourage the start-up of new Pyr rescue groups and urge all Pyr rescuers to work together to save more Pyrs! Why Great Pyrenees? Great Pyrenees are a beautiful, majestic breed with unique characteristics. Some of those unique characteristics, like their large size, frequent barking, and tendency to roam if not fenced or maintained on a leash, make them extremely vulnerable to being abandoned and destroyed. We rescue dogs from high kill shelters and provide them a second chance for love and a family. Our organization: • Provides veterinary care, foster homes, and behavioral training so dogs can be adopted as companion animals. • Organizes weekly transports to move dogs out of high kill areas. • Underwrites costly medical expenditures for sick and injured dogs. • Operates 800 shelter and adoption hotline numbers and an owner surrender program that assists Pyrs and Pyr owners throughout the United States. • Educates the public about all aspects of the breed. Our vision is for everyone who wants a Pyr or Pyr puppy to adopt a rescue Pyr so that we drastically reduce or eliminate the number of dogs abandoned or destroyed.

Our Mission

National Great Pyrenees Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the placement of unwanted, displaced and abandoned Great Pyrenees dogs into safe, caring companion homes and to help all dogs of Great Pyrenees origin find good homes across the country. We provide boarding, fostering, veterinary care, and breed education. Let’s all work together to SAVE MORE PYRS