Need in Deed

Charity Footprints Partner - Need in Deed

211 N.13th Street, Suite 501, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | Program Focus: Education and Research


Connecting the classroom with the community

Need in Deed has a vision for equitable public education where students’ concerns, ideas, and lived experiences drive them to be advocates for change. Our unique learning model deepens student engagement, enhances effective teaching strategies, and develops authentic community relationships. Using Need in Deed’s signature “My VOICE” framework, students in grades 3-8 identify a social issue, engage in research to learn about root causes, and develop action steps in response. Throughout the year-long process, Need in Deed provides teachers with a network of practice and support. Local professionals and practitioners also bring their expertise and wisdom into classrooms, connecting school curriculum with community issues. By engaging students’ curiosity and leadership, our model develops students' academic, social, and emotional skills and prepares youth for lifelong success.

Our Mission

The purpose of Need in Deed is to transform the educational experience for students, teachers, and communities by embedding empathy, informed investigation, and civic action within public school classrooms.