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Empower Freedom for Women Exploited

When it comes to injustice as complex as the exploitation of women, it can be overwhelming knowing how to help. You deserve to be confident that your donations and efforts to the cause are actually making a difference in the lives of those most desperate for help. Without a clear path to freedom, exploited women endure constant sexual and financial abuse, lack of access to non-exploitative work, forced separation from those they love and an undeserving but unrelenting cycle of shame. Not Abandoned recognizes this hopelessness experienced by women trapped in exploitation and has been able to help over 5,000 women experience hope and freedom through services provided at our Freedom Centers. These strategic international centers are in some of the darkest places around the world: Pattaya, Thailand, a city known as the Sex Tourism Capital of the World; Korat, Thailand, one of the most targeted hotspots for trafficking young Thai women; and Algeciras, Spain, the largest port city for trafficking family members between Africa & Europe. At our Freedom Centers, we work directly with exploited women and vulnerable communities providing language classes, job skills training and employment placement, trauma-informed, counseling, emergency resources, health & wellness programs, supportive community, and prevention programs. Our program offerings work together to help remove barriers to freedom and empower women with self-confidence, restorative hope, and practical support to live free. We invite you to help make a difference through Elevate Freedom today and have confidence that because of the hope created through Not Abandoned, your generosity is changing the destiny of a woman’s life.

Our Mission

Not Abandoned empowers freedom for women exploited in the darkest places around the world.