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Helping Those Helping Animals

A veterinary technician, Shena Humbert, who worked in the field for 15 years and suffered the same mental and physical health struggles as her counterparts, founded not Another Vet Nurse. NAVN started as an Instagram social media page to find other who felt the same way, and she quickly became aware that she was not alone. Thousands felt the same way. Not Another Vet Nurse is now a 501© (3) public charity. NAVN strives to bring awareness through education on mental health and suicide within veterinary medicine. The founder, Shena, wanted to help others who have been through the same struggles as her. NAVN raises funds to help people in veterinary medicine afford mental health care worldwide. NAVN has a private group on Facebook that is a safe space for veterinary professionals to express their feelings judgment-free. On Instagram, people can private message us if they need someone to talk to during a difficult time. In addition to our personal support, our website provides mental health resources as well as crisis hotline numbers by country. NAVN offers grants for mental health assistance such as counselors, therapists, etc. as well as a Mental Health Crisis in the event of a suicide attempt, suicide watch, or other mental health crisis. All funds donated to our organization go towards these grants to help veterinary professionals get the mental health help they need.

Our Mission

Not Another Vet Nurse helps provide mental health financial assistance to veterinary professionals. Shedding awareness on mental health and suicide within veterinary medicine.