One Heart Bulgaria

Charity Footprints Partner - One Heart Bulgaria

165 N. Main St.; Providence, Utah 84332 | Program Focus: Human Services


One Heart Bulgaria was created to dramatically improve the lives of thousands of children living in orphanages. We provide for the children’s immediate, critical needs and sustain an infrastructure that will ensure their long-term social, emotional, mental, and physical health. We work towards the deinstitutionalization of these children by supporting foster care initiatives and services in the community that support families in keeping their children. Our abandonment prevention programs provide underprivileged girls and women with prenatal care and classes, with the goal of reducing birth defects and preventing child abandonment and sex trafficking. All of our initiatives and programs assist in a movement to shut down Bulgaria’s orphanage system.

Our Mission

One Heart Bulgaria helps over 25 orphanages, 1 children's hospital, and 1 maternity clinic. We provide for the children’s basic and medical needs. We also support their emotional needs through special programs and work to reduce the rate of child abandonment and sex trafficking. Our long-term goal is to assist in the closing down of Bulgaria’s orphanage system.