Our Health Inc.

Charity Footprints Partner - Our Health Inc.

329 N. Cameron St., Winchester, VA 22601 | Program Focus: Human Services


Connecting Partners. Serving Community.

The purpose of Our Health was to look beyond just the medical needs of the community and reach out to a community in a way never before attempted. The name of this group, Our Health, was meant to imply just that. Stemming from Valley Health, which focuses on medical well-being, Our Health was created to expand the opportunity for a community to be well. Our Health collaborated with both public and private partnerships to create a community campus. Local, state and federal government representatives supported this idea on many levels and most continue to do so today. Although these agencies share a green space on campus, they are autonomous and act as stand-alone agencies. By connecting them in proximity, the goal is to encourage collaboration and coordination of client care. The campus provides those in need with many resources and wrap-around services to achieve overall health. Our Health supports campus agencies, providing a reasonable, inclusive rate for office space. Many levels of support are offered to these agencies by sharing the skilled staff of Our Health. Our Health offers nonprofit agencies guidance to improve their organizational structure and efficiency with an eye toward sustaining and enhancing the nonprofit community.

Our Mission

Our Health, a regional non-profit organization, sustains and improves the health and well-being of our community by bringing together, supporting, and expanding capabilities of our partners in the delivery of health and human services, to address unmet needs, and provide ease of access to services.