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Embrace The Journey Of Freedom

At TPJ, we know that we can't do everything. We know we are stronger when we work with those who excel in their expertise. Some perform rescue missions, some provide aftercare, and some minister to those in the clubs and other institutions that exploit our women. We at TPJ know that we can do more by supporting those on the front lines. We develop resources that share the testimonies of those who have overcome various experiences. Showcasing the transformational power that comes through Jesus Christ alone. We partner with every ministry we can to provide these resources so that lives can be changed and the trajectory of the broken road in someone's story can be healed. We believe there is power in every testimony. God doesn't waste a single moment. He is all about redeeming our story for His glory. We want women to know they can be free. They can experience a life of worth and freedom. So we work with those who go into the clubs, brothels, massage parlors, street corners, counseling offices, pregnancy care centers, addiction groups, safe homes, jails, and prisons. Placing our booklets in their hands to equip them to do the work God has called them to do. We see ourselves as the bridge. Something that awakens every woman to her value and helps her discover the truth that God deeply loves her and He has a tremendous purpose for her through her pain. He has not forgotten her. He sees her. He knows her. And He has been waiting for a moment to place this booklet in her hand to speak life over her and remind her who she is. Women everywhere are being awakened to the truth, and their voices are rising from the ashes of the circumstances they have experienced. We know our lane. Our lane is to develop, create, print, and distribute as many resources as possible to every woman who has ever been exploited. Right now, our resources include... You are Priceless (English, Spanish, and Chinese), You are an Overcomer, You are Fearless, You are Worthy, You are Free, and You are Loved.

Our Mission

Providing life-transforming resources to empower the exploited to Embrace the Journey of Freedom!