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20370 Town Center Lane. Cupertino, CA - 95014 | Program Focus: Education and Research


Happiness is not just a state. It's a skill that anyone can learn.

The World Health Organization has declared depression to be the greatest source of human suffering worldwide. An emotional health crisis is currently taking its toll on school-aged children. It takes the form of unprecedented anxiety and epidemic levels of teen suicide, and in milder forms as low self-esteem, bullying, truancy and low-graduation rates. Project Happiness is working to help create a world where children, teens and adults will be taught to identify and harness their personal strengths, learn emotional regulation and develop the skills for emotional resiliency. Our programs help students become more compassionate to themselves and others, and ultimately channel their new skills towards pro-social behavior at school and in their community. The curriculum is unique in that it is grounded in positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience, and uses proven practices to give students a foundation for life. Your donations will go towards supporting our programs: school curriculum, online course, mental health awareness, behavioral change, global ambassadors, circles educational book club, and grassroots movement. $5,000: Provide our curriculum to a school district $2500: Facilitate a one-day workshop to train teachers $1,000: Provide a school with our curriculum $500: Empower an entire classroom of students with their own happiness book - a personal compass for challenging times $250: Sponsor a classroom with our curriculum $150: Sponsor a film screening $50: Gift a school with the film and book – happiness is contagious $25: Gift a school with the happiness book – a catalyst for positive change

Our Mission

Project Happiness is dedicated to empowering people with the resources to create greater happiness within themselves and the world.