Sankara Eye Foundation, USA

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Opening Eyes; Empowering Lives

Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) initiates and drives community eye care activities in India by working with our partner, Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India who operate and manage nine world class eye care hospitals all over India. With our “north star” of “eradicating curable blindness in India”; we are diligently striving towards providing quality eye care free of cost to the needy by building operationally self-sufficient super specialty eye care hospitals across India. Learn more at KEY FACTS: • Every 5 seconds an adult goes blind! Every minute a child becomes blind in this World!! • India is home to >1/4th of world's curable blind population • 80% of blind or visually impaired in India are either preventable or curable • $30 USD to give the gift of vision (cost of 1 eye surgery) IMPACT TO DATE: Largest provider of free eye care services in the world • Completed over 1.6 million free eye surgeries to date • Nine state of the art hospitals pan India • Performing over 150,000 free eye surgeries per year and increasing • Grassroots approach to fundraising. Charity Navigator 4 star rating for five consecutive years.

Our Mission

Outreach to rural poor and provide quality eye care free of cost by building operationally self-sufficient, super specialty eye care hospitals across India..