Sankofa Childrens Museum of African Cultures

Charity Footprints Partner - Sankofa Childrens Museum of African Cultures

4330 Pimlico Road, baltimore, MD 21215 | Program Focus: Arts, Culture and Humanities


African history did not begin with slavery!

Nestled in the heart of Baltimore's historic Park Heights community, Sankofa Children's Museum of African Cultures has been a beacon of hope since 2020, igniting the power of community engagement & attachment to address the social challenges faced by underserved urban communities. Our mission is deeply rooted in the city's 5-year Youth, Health, and Wellness strategy. Through our programs, we aim to foster healthy peer relationships, community connectedness, and self-esteem. We provide immersive, hands-on learning experiences for our at-risk youth, empowering them with knowledge and self-awareness. Our goal? To work towards the well-being of families, groups, and individuals of diverse cultural socioeconomic backgrounds. Join us as we shed light on the rich past of Africa, her profound influence on modern cultures, and strong ties to African Americans here in the U.S. and in the diaspora. Let's celebrate our shared history and lay the foundation for an inclusive future. #BaltimoreMuseum #CommunityEngagement #YouthEmpowerment #CulturalEducation #AfricanHeritage #HandsOnLearning. Let's connect, learn, and grow together, because together, we can build a brighter future! Your support means the world to us. Join us. Be part of our journey. #ParkHeightsBaltimore #UrbanEducation #AfricanAmericanHistory #SharedHistory #InclusiveFuture

Our Mission

Sankofa Children’s Museum is on a mission to connect hearts and minds to the rich tapestry that is Africa. From the Sahara's golden sands to the Nile's fertile banks, we're opening doors to a world where every child, especially those of African descent, irrespective of their background, knows about Africa's incredible diversity, history, cultures, and people. We invite you to immerse yourself in a journey to learn about Africa's great contributions to society. Step into our world, and let's learn together!