Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc

Charity Footprints Partner - Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc

7663 Hwy 196 W Hinesville, GA 31313 | Program Focus: Environment and Animals


a second chance at life for the horses and people we serve

A rescue in the Low Country area whose goal is to save as many horses as possible. While we're caring for the horses, the horses are caring for us. Saving lives, one step at a time.

Our Mission

Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. is a not for profit organization that will provide a humane alternative for horses and other large animals; provide necessary care and training depending on individual circumstances to increase their potential for adoption or sanctuary when deemed. Rescue includes pickup from owners, animal welfare facilities, race tracks, or slaughter bound auctions, assessment of the equine’s suitability as a pet, provision of health care and training as needed and appropriate, qualification of perspective homes, placement, follow-up, and, if a placement fails, recovery into Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc.