So You Want to Change the World

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812 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11211 | Program Focus: Public, Societal Benefit


Empowering humanity in ending the climate crisis

Ordinary people do not typically see themselves as having any power in the face of the climate crisis. Most people see climate change as too complex, too big, something “out there” for governments or institutions to deal with and resolve, something we can get to later, all of which leaves people in a trance of hope, denial, best efforts, gestures and business as usual. The 2030 or Bust team are just that–ordinary people who have said, “This is Mine.” To wake people from that trance is the job of 2030 or Bust; to bring the reality of ending the crisis into the global consciousness and with it, the power for people everywhere to step up and make the critical difference. We are not on track to end the crisis in time, and the next 10 years is our critical window of opportunity in which to radically reverse the emissions trend if we are to get on track.

Our Mission

Empower 500 Million people by 2030 to bridge the greenhouse gas emissions gap, getting us on track to ending the climate crisis.