Spirituality for Kids International Inc.

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5792 West Jefferson Blvd. | Program Focus: Education and Research


Tools to Win in the Game of Life

SFK is an independent educational nonprofit organization (501(C)(3)) serving children, parents, and professionals around the world. SFK’s proven spiritual social-emotional programs are designed to benefit all children – regardless of race, class, or religion – by teaching them viable ways to tap into their inner strengths and see their true potential despite the hardships and stressful situations in their everyday lives through a unique and immersive learning experience. Children that go through our award-winning program make better decisions, are more cooperative and empathetic and have a deeper sense of responsibility and self-worth.

Our Mission

The Mission of Spirituality for Kids is to encourage children to: Develop self-awareness; Reflect on their purpose in life; Make wise decisions and understand the impact of their choices; Build resilience and treat challenges as opportunities; Learn behavioral tools to bring more fulfillment into their lives; Tap into their inner strengths and develop self-esteem; and Awaken their desire to make a difference in the world around them.