St. Mary's School Ord, Nebraska

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527 N 20th St., Ord, Nebraska 68862 | Program Focus: Education and Research


St. Mary's School Ord, Nebraska

ST. MARY'S SCHOOL ORD, NEBRASKA Our Beloved St. Mary School in Ord, Nebraska was established in 1955. St. Mary’s School is a K-6 grade education offering a religious foundation to students. All denominations are welcome. Throughout our schoolyear, we are excited to live by the words of our mission statement. Through excellence in academics, spiritual growth and positive attitude towards all, we encourage and empower students to become great in the eyes of God. St. Mary’s School provides an education that combines faith with academic excellence. We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed in and out of the classroom. We use technology effectively to enhance education. We instill in students the value of service to others and create working relationships within our community and utilize their resources. We teach children respect of self and others. Emphasize moral development and self-discipline. We cultivate faculty and staff who are dedicated, caring and effective. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Our Mission

St. Mary's School in Ord, Nebraska invites you to join us in a collective effort to walk, run, hike, or bike 1,500 miles to bring awareness and funding for the students and future students of St. Mary's School in Ord, Nebraska. Come together with the students, parents, friends and teachers and get mobile to help them achieve their $30,000 fundraising goal for the school! Unlike a traditional race, the St. Mary's School Virtual Fitness Challenge takes place where you are and when you want, anytime between August 29th and September 29th 2022. Registration begins August 22nd 2022. All funds raised will go directly towards supporting St. Mary's School and providing our students an innovative faith based education. Be part of the first-ever St. Mary's School Virtual Fitness Challenge and help us celebrate Catholic Schools. Join a team to support one of these really important initiatives! Your participation, whether you register, sponsor, donate or spread the word, makes a positive impact on students and the community. JOIN A TEAM – GET ACTIVE – MAKE AN IMPACT!