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Un Cambio a la Vez (One Change at a Time)

SELF is an international nonprofit, established in October 2016, based in California, and providing services in rural Honduras. We focus not only on the health of individuals, but also the health of a community. We have developed strong local alliances including local government, health centers, police departments, schools, and other local NGOs in order to integrate with community structures already in place. These community alliances allow us to celebrate Honduran ideas and initiatives as the focus of our organizational goals, and promote sustainability of all of our projects. Education is absolutely at the center of everything we do at SELF. For example, we do not start work in a new village until we have provided education about community leadership, gender equality and teamwork. All of our projects have educational components to provide sustainability and empower our local community leaders. At SELF, integration of projects is crucial to long-term sustainability, so the depth of our involvement in a village is broad. According to what village leaders identify as their greatest needs, we partner in projects including clean water, healthcare and dental services, education, microenterprise projects, infrastructure and reforestation.

Our Mission

Through an empowering collaboration we community members, we strive to develop sustainable initiatives for local challenges.