The Yonkofa Project Inc.

Charity Footprints Partner - The Yonkofa Project Inc.

165 Courtland St. NE A-234, Atlanta, GA 30303 | Program Focus: Health


Building resilient communities through healthcare.

Dr. Gabriella Nanci and Dr. Deborah Martin first travelled together to Ghana on a short term medical mission in 2010. They found the rural villagers put so much love and care into their sick family members, but many of their conditions would have been prevented with basic access to medicine and preventive care. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Nanci returned to Ghana, and working with local villages, conceived a project to bring sustainable healthcare to the remote areas of this struggling country. A U.S. non-profit was formed, and "Yonkofa," which means “friendship” in the local Twi language, was chosen as the name. Building plans were developed, the land for the first clinic was donated, and in the rainforest village of Yiwabra, The Yonkofa Project was born. Building clinics in rural villages, supported by Yonkofa and staffed by Ghanaian professionals, adds local jobs, improves trust for healthcare providers, and promotes a sustainable healthcare system. We continue to focus on building new clinics in the areas of highest need, while expanding our assistance with health supplies and education of the local healthcare workers.

Our Mission

To build and equip medical clinics in rural Western Ghana, staffed with Ghanaian medical professionals, establishing a sustainable medical care system.