WUNDERfund Ltd.

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Empowering Ukraine's recovery & growth

WUNDERfund is a multicultural group of volunteers, based in Canada, who are committed to advocating for peace and supporting victims of the ongoing war in Ukraine. We are dedicated to the restoration of peace and direct 100% of our efforts toward that goal by providing relief to those closest to danger. We are a volunteer team, called to action by a Canadian Forces veteran who emigrated to Canada from Ukraine and maintains strong ties to her country of origin. WUNDERfund volunteers coordinate relief efforts across Canada, raise awareness through local outreach programs, and design custom apparel and handmade jewelry. All proceeds are used to fund humanitarian efforts on the ground in Ukraine and within local communities in Canada. Every dollar raised through WUNDERfund is making a difference to save lives through the provision of crucial support to those who need it most. This is how you can help. Join our team today!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the restoration of a peaceful, free and independent Ukraine. Our work directly supports the people who need it most, including those struggling to preserve what is left in Ukraine amid the destruction.