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We create SYSTEMS to grow food where little to no food is grown now.

World Hunger Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. We develop systems to grow food where little to no food is currently grown. This document provides an Executive Summary of each of our 3 key programs and how you can help us accomplish our goals. Our primary mission for 2022-2023 is to provide food and water to people in sub-Saharan Africa that are starving. We provide immediate and lasting food sources for people who have few options to sustain themselves. We are seeking caring individuals and corporations who want to help make a real and tangible difference in the lives of struggling villagers throughout the region. Your consideration of our three active programs is urgently requested. PROGRAM 1: GROW KITS Our “Grow Kits” are shrink-wrapped pouches that contain everything that people need to grow their own organic food – anywhere, anytime. It’s a true implementation of the “teach a man to fish” story. The kits contain the following: a. Polyester Felt “Grow Bags” in 50 gallon, 100 gallon and 200 gallon sizes. They sit above-ground, allowing the users grow food anywhere there is open space and sunshine; no need for farm land. The bags are porous, so the plant roots don’t rot. And they’ll last 3 years or longer. The villagers fill the bags with bug-free scorched dirt. b. Non-GMO Seeds are provided for the nutritious indigenous crops of the villager’s own choosing. c. All-natural mineral nutrients are provided to give the plants maximum nutritional value while maintaining their 100% organic certification. d. Seed starter trays, a watering can, plus garden tools are included. e. Complete instructions are provided on how to plant, grow, harvest and prepare the food for consumption. Our specialists provide menus to maximize the nutritional effect of combined foods, similar to the well-known “rice and beans” superfood combination. GROW KITS –TARGET MARKET a. UGANDA. The “Grow Kits” are currently being hand-delivered into the remote jungle villages of Uganda by our two WHT Ambassadors, Robert Bitera and Mukanga Kefa and their missionary teams. They provide hands-on teaching and support at every step. b. ANY COUNTRY OF NEED. We are interested in shipping the kits to all countries of Africa, wherever there is a sponsoring organization to fund them, distribute them and manage the program in their service area. PROGRAM 2: TOWER OF LIFE The “Tower of Life” is a new patent-pending invention of World Hunger Team. It provides potable water AND nutritious food in any location on the planet as long as rain occurs on the site at some time. Please note that wells cannot be dug in much of sub-Saharan Africa because the water table is too deep or inaccessible. With our unit, no access to the water table or a connection to the power grid is needed. This innovative unit collects, stores and purifies up to 1,360 gallons of rainwater at a time. It also grows 70 linear feet of food plants including greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits. The unit is very lightweight and ships flat on a pallet, allowing it to be delivered by industrial drone to any coordinates – even remote locations far from the nearest road. WHY IS THIS NEEDED? Access to clean drinking water and food are the two primary needs of human survival. Yet many people in remote locations of the world go without both due to geography and/or financing. This unit provides both, in a simplified system that anyone can be taught to operate. It is economical, rugged and is currently in the prototype and testing phase. We expect roll-out of finished units by late 2023 for purchase and distribution by any interested NGO or non-profit organization. We truly believe that this unit will be a “game changer” in that it helps meet society’s two greatest needs – food and water – and it can be produced anywhere there is an industrial 3D printer. Investors / potential partners are being sought at this time. PROGRAM 3: AFFORDABLE RAISED BED FARMING Raised bed farming is a highly efficient way to grow large quantities of food in a simple and economical manner. Hay or Straw bales bring the crops to chest level and inhibit crop damage by ground animals. We use 330-gallon repurposed shipping tanks to store rainwater. The tanks are placed on cinder blocks and all-natural hydroponic nutrients are added. The nutrients are gravity-fed down a plastic dripline, and nozzles at each plant base provide the plants with everything they need to thrive. It is a simple system that increases the reliability and quality of the crops. WHO NEEDS THIS SYSTEM? 1. FARMERS IN REMOTE LOCATIONS. There is no shortage of land in many food-challenged countries, but there IS a shortage of economical agricultural systems that can be easily delivered, installed and maintained by unskilled laborers. Our system meets all of those needs, and provides a steady and reliable way to grow large quantities of food in those locations. 2. FOOD-CHALLENGED VILLAGES. People can be taught to grow food, harvest it, and prepare it for consumption by both people and animals. Our system can be easily adapted by non-farmers, so ordinary people can grow the food they need to survive. They can also grow animal fodder to feed cattle, sheep, goats, chickens and other animals that can provide much-needed protein to the diets of the villagers. 3. FOOD ENTREPRENEURS. Many people around the world cannot find work and cannot support their families. Our system makes it easy for potential business people to grow high-value crops that can be sold at market. The extreme low cost of the equipment can be financed through a micro-loan, allowing enterprising individuals to bring prosperity to their families and neighbors. HOW CAN YOU HELP WORLD HUNGER TEAM? Please visit our donor site at ( Watch our videos and support us through this robust fully-compliant donor management website. We are in need of the “Three T’s” – Time, Talent and Treasure. TIME: If you have time to volunteer to promote us to your friends, family and social network, we need Ambassadors of Hope. TALENT: If you are interested in taking on some of the work of running a non-profit, we need professional help, (seriously.) So whatever your expertise, we could use your help! TREASURE: Of course, funding is the key to any successful non-profit organization. If you can contribute as little as $5 per month on an ongoing basis, you can make a difference in people’s lives in Uganda. If you can afford more or can connect us with foundations or individuals who care, we will greatly welcome the support. All contributions can be made through, an industry-leading To find out more program details, please visit our organization’s website at

Our Mission

World Hunger Team seeks to improve the health and well-being of people in poverty by enabling access to organic and sustainable nutrition and safe, clean drinking water.