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Advancing Marine Mammal Science, Saving Species, and Inspiring Future STEAM Leaders

The National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to enhance and safeguard the lives of marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans. Our world-class team of veterinarians, biologists, and conservationists is dedicated to addressing critical questions concerning the well-being of marine mammals globally. Every step we take is guided by compassion and reverence for these animals as we work to protect their health and welfare. In response to the alarming challenges faced by critically endangered species such as the Yangtze River dolphin, Franciscana dolphin, and vaquita porpoise, the NMMF launched Operation GRACE; the Global Rescue of At-Risk Cetaceans and Ecosystems. This groundbreaking effort focuses on gathering crucial data, providing essential veterinary care, conducting health assessments, and fostering collaborations with local communities, experts, and organizations to safeguard at-risk aquatic mammals, their habitats, and the communities dependent on them. Operation GRACE relies exclusively on the generous support of donors like you. By participating in Race for GRACE, you play a vital role in contributing to a brighter future for dolphins, porpoises, and whales around the world that are teetering on the brink of extinction. Your involvement is a beacon of hope for these sentinels of the environment and their ecosystems.

Our Mission

The National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) has a mission to improve and protect life for marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans through science, service, and education.