The JUSTUS Foundation

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30 E. 125th Street, Unit 250, New York, NY 10035 | Program Focus: Arts, Culture and Humanities


Building the Legacy to Legal Bridge

The JUSTÜS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring and facilitating the entry of legacy (pre-legalization) cannabis operators to the legal cannabis market. The organization was founded in October 2021 in response to the following two related trends: the exclusion of the legacy cannabis operators from the legal industry and the persistence of a dual market following legalization, which results in a delay in consumer migration to the legal cannabis market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure a legal role in the industry for the pioneers who carried cannabis medicine through the years of prohibition and to create a single, unified, legal market for cannabis. The scope of The JUSTÜS Foundation’s work is global. Every country and every city that legalizes cannabis must come to grips with the legacy community that has been providing cannabis in that jurisdiction during the years of Prohibition. If legacy operators are not welcomed into the legal market, they will continue their activities outside of it. And unburdened with regulatory costs and taxes, they will outcompete the legal cannabis market unless the JUSTÜS strategies are implemented, which will allow for market best practices and optimization.